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Why Real Estate Investors Need a Real Estate Loan

Do you currently own a real estate property and need extra money to fix it? Are you looking for a reliable lending company to help you with your dilemma? Luckily for you, Capital Fund 1 can offer several real estate loans with a fast approval rate. They are one of the top hard money lenders in Scottsdale, AZ, that offers several loan financing options, such as Fix and Flip, Buy and Hold, Bridge, Construction, Major Remodel and Addition, Lot and Land, and Trustee Loans. You can apply and see if you’re the perfect match for any of these loans. Let’s learn the benefits of applying for a real estate loan below.

Ideal for Flippers

Most real estate investors buy a home to fix it and then flip it. Therefore, they need money to repair a dilapidated house and turn it into a new one. That way, they could put on a hefty price tag on top of it. However, flippers will need a lot of money, depending on the home they’re trying to fix. That’s why Capital Fund 1’s Fix and Flip loan is an excellent choice for real estate investors whose business is flipping homes for a fortune. Furthermore, they offer a six and twelve-month timeline!

Perfect for Holding & Maintaining a Property

If your goal is to buy a property in a busy city where the prices for houses rise each year, then you might want to consider applying for a Buy and Hold Loan. Here, people whose goal is to buy and maintain a property can take out a loan to beautify it. And since your goal is to hold, the terms on these loans tend to be longer compared to the Fix and Flip loan. However, there’s no need to worry since you can definitely take advantage of the house once it reaches the price you want to sell it for.

Construction Financing for Contractors & Developers

Another type of loan that’s perfect for contractors, developers, and those in the construction industry is the construction loan. Capital Funds 1 offers a flexible program to meet the needs of its clients. Furthermore, they already have financed a wide array of construction projects in Scottsdale, Arizona. So if you’re searching for a way to get the funds that can make your project come to life, Capital Funds 1 can truly offer different financing programs to help fund your projects and turn them into reality. It’s easy, as long as you have the requirements!