Livestock for Business

Raising Livestock for Business with a Shoestring Budget

Livestock is an industry unlike any other. The better you know, the better your chances of becoming a successful rancher.

Breeding cattle is a great way to make a lot of money in a field where people don’t have a lot of money. But before you start farming, you need to get all the knowledge you can about the industry and what it takes to grow healthy lucrative livestock.

The two types of lucrative cattle that you can raise when you start breeding are cattle and sheep. These livestock are very profitable because their milk and meat are in high demand and the market is large enough for everyone to eat a piece of the pie.


Cattle will always be a good business with a great return on investment. One way to look at this is to “buy cheap cattle, get fat and sell them for a higher price.”

First, you will need to buy livestock. Places where you can buy your livestock are cattle auctions, local newspaper advertisements, and you can even ask other ranchers who sell good, healthy livestock. To get started, you can buy weaning calves or feeders.

Raising Livestock for Business

After you’ve bought your livestock, it’s time to take care of them. The first thing to do is build a livestock shelter. In the beginning, you can build a simple windbreak, and once you start making money, you can build a more spacious shelter.

Good livestock feeding is the most important thing. Good grass is a great way to feed livestock. To feed livestock, you can give them alfalfa and corn. Don’t forget to give your livestock plenty of water as well. One cow can drink about 12 gallons of water a day.


Like cattle, sheep reward livestock for breeding. You can raise sheep for milk, meat and wool production. But to get a good return on your sheep investment, you must mind your own business and take care of your sheep.

Sheep also need shelter to protect them from the harsh temperatures. The sheep pen is where your sheep also sleep, feed and give birth.

When starting to feed your sheep, keep in mind that different types of sheep require different nutrition. Sheep lambs and rams are fed differently, so when purchasing feed, make sure you buy feed that is appropriate for the type of sheep you are raising.

Feeding them well is the fist step on How To Raise Livestock. For your sheep to get enough nutrients, you need to feed them protein and energy foods, not to mention pasture. Also give your sheep enough water because it is very important for their health. And make sure the feeders are clean to prevent the spread of deadly diseases.