strip club in Cocoa Beach, FL

Great Selection Tips for a Strip Club

Few establishments can fill this need when searching for a night of entertainment, like strip clubs. However, not all of those places were created equal, as you might guess. Some will treat you like royalty from the moment you open the door, while others will act like you’re wasting their time unless you’re a huge celebrity.

There is a misconception that every strip club is just a shoddy place.

Sometimes this is the case, and if you go to a horrible place, it can cut you off from the whole experience. These days there is a lot of exclusive entertainment designed for people with more discriminating tastes. These venues are easy to spot if you know what to look for and can be your gateway to a fun and unique night out that will make you feel like a high roller and a gentleman. These bars will have a series of control functions that allow you to choose the one that suits your wishes.

Walking down the street, you want to pick out a strip club in Cocoa Beach, FL, with a professionally dressed, able-bodied doorman working the door. The person should look good and act respectfully and maturely. You must not be an alley cat, calling and attracting gentlemen. You should sell yourself without yelling over customers if you work in a decent establishment.

It means professional scenes and lighting. A good rule of thumb for lighting and cleaning is that you should probably go somewhere else if you can’t see the rugs. Bathrooms must also be clean and well maintained. Going to a seedy bar and pee in a tub is one thing, but you want the strip club you’re at to feel like an upscale, upscale business, not a crappy strip club.

Another aspect to take into account is the clientele. If the club has no coverage and no dress code, that means anyone can get in. People who want to sit for free in a room full of naked and street-dressed women don’t always belong to the highest echelon of society. They tend to be perverts and pimps looking to take advantage of people. Instead, choose a place that costs twenty dollars to enter.


The bottom line is that striptease is going to be expensive. You pay good money for shows and experiences, and you want your money’s worth. You will tip the girls, necessary, and any quality joint will kick you out if you are bad. Also, drinks are expensive, and there is a minimum in many places.