Top CBD Edibles To Buy Canada In 2022

Top CBD Edibles to Buy in Canada in 2022

Everyone has their preferred method of consumption. Some people like to smoke or vape, while others prefer edibles, tinctures, and more recently, even suppositories and creams! However, if you’re new to the whole CBD game, you might not know how to go about picking the best CBD edibles in Canada in 2022. Fortunately, we’ve done […]

Delta 8 THC Delivery

Health benefits of taking THC

THC Increases Insulin Sensitivity: Studies show that cannabis improves insulin sensitivity by lowering fasting insulin levels. That’s right. Our body converts the carbohydrates in our food into blood sugar, also called glucose. Glucose is fuel for the body that raises blood sugar levels. But if we eat too many carbohydrates, the blood sugar level rises […]