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Best Websites and Instagram handle for the latest crypto news

The cryptocurrency market is unpredictable, its changes very quickly. So, to ensure profitable returns, you must have the proper knowledge about cryptos and be up to date with all the happening in the crypto world. Last year, you must have seen how the crypto market escalated with Elon Musk’s one announcement about accepting crypto in the future; that’s how news impacts the crypto market.

There are various ways you can keep yourself updated with the latest crypto news. It’s crucial to follow a correct and honest crypto news website, newsletter, or whatever means you are following because there are some fakesters too, who spread the fake news to escalate or explode particular crypto in the market to their favor.

Which site to choose for Crypto news?

As the market grows, we have lots of mediums to find various news and latest happenings on their channels or websites about crypto; you just have to find the best one and follow them watch them daily to get a profitable return. So, to help you find your source of the latest crypto news, we listed some of the trustable websites for you:

Cryptocurrency And Bitcoin News

Coin Telegraph:

It was founded in 2013 and is the best source of the latest crypto news in the market. On this website, you will get crypto news and all the market trends of the crypto. Many crypto market pro traders trust this website. The site is multilingual so, globally used by many crypto traders.



They are one of the leading and popular crypto news and information provider in the crypto world, trusted by many crypto traders. The site is genuine and reliable same as coin telegram. The latest news and articles about crypto news are published daily on their websites. It is more beneficial for beginners to research crypto and learn about crypto trading.


The Merkel

It is another crypto news site to find the latest happenings in the crypto world and cryptocurrency prices. Every day they post more than 20 articles about crypto and its information in a very summarized manner. So, if long-length articles do not interest you, then is best for you.


Crypto Instagram handles

Instagram is the most popular social media app among youth, and it is becoming the medium of information exchange for many people. So, we thought why not include some Instagram accounts that provide very genuine content on cryptos:

  • Cryptoecplorer
  • Crypto.dreams
  • startinvestincrypto

They are some best crypto content providers who upload media about cryptos and the latestcrypto news.