Best testosterone booster 2022

4 viable risks of using testosterone booster excessively

When it comes to talking about any kind of health supplement, it is important to note down negative consequences beforehand. Undoubtedly it increases the testosterone level in the body but excess intaking affects the body in multiple ways.

However, in recent times, there are multiple Best testosterone booster 2022 in the market which relatively cut down many of the risk factors. Well, this article is all about the risks factors that most men should take care of.

Increases hypertension or blood pressure level 

No matter, it is the Best testosterone booster but excess intake increases hypertension or blood pressure level in both men and women. However, it also leads to cardiovascular diseases. That is why testosterone boosters must be taken only by expert direction or advice.

Enlarges the prostate gland and breasts enlargement

One of the major disadvantages is that it enlarges the prostate gland and breasts. It causes urination problems in men while women get more liability towards breasts cancer. This hormone increases the blood rate and growth of the cancer cells. 

Decrease sperm count

No doubt, it increases sexual pleasure but it also decreases the sperm count in most men. It is one of the burning issues as it also leads men to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Thus, testosterone boosters are helpful but also dangerous. 

Increases acne

Along with the changes in the body, it has also some physical infections such as it increase acne. When the levels of the hormones become high, acnes start infecting the body.

Wrap up

Along with the positive sides, all supplements have negative sides. Hence, experts’ advice is a must while taking up hormonal pills.