Why You Should Avoid Glossy Business Cards

The texture that your business cards provide to people will play a role in helping them determine its quality in some way, shape or form. Most business card manufacturers are going to give you two options to choose from in this regard at any given point in time, namely glossy or matte. While one can potentially make an argument for both these kinds of business cards, we are of the opinion that getting glossy business cards made is just not all that worth it due to a wide range of practical considerations that would need to be taken into account.

A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that Black Metal Kards that are on the glossier end of the spectrum are going to end up making it so that anyone that handles the business card would leave their fair share of smudges and finger prints on it. This is not that big of a deal at first but eventually the smudges are going to result in your business card being a bit harder to read than it should ideally be.

Matte business cards are far more resistant to smudges and the like, which is why they are the preferable option. Creating a business card that has a matte finish is really important if you don’t want any kinds of stains or marks obscuring the all important information that you are trying to provide to people through the card itself. Little things like this might not seem like they would matter much but eventually they become a real issue if you don’t resolve them from the get go all in all.