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5 Steps to Selling Your Louisiana Home

Are you ready to sell your home in Louisiana? easily breaks down the whole process into 8 steps. Learn how to find the perfect agent, how to evaluate a home, how to negotiate with a buyer, how to close a deal fast and more!

Of course, even the best real estate in Louisiana will be hard to sell if you don’t price your home right, don’t sell well, or don’t know how to negotiate.

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1.Find a Louisiana Real Estate Agent

To sell your Louisiana home for the best price and minimize stress in the process, you need to find the highest rated real estate agent in your area. Louisiana’s best listing agents know exactly what local buyers want and how to get in touch. They will provide expert advice, guidance and support at every stage from initial listing to closing.

  1. Decide when to sell

Timing in the housing market can truly solve the problem of selling a home. Sales prices fluctuate throughout the year due to seasons, holidays, labor market conditions or changes in the law. In Louisiana, homes tend to sell faster in June and cost 8.3% more than average. In states with severe weather or in areas prone to natural disasters, it can be harder to find a home during these peak months. Generally speaking, spring to early summer is a good time to sell a home.

  1. House Pricing

Comparative market analysis determines the value of a home compared to similar homes for sale or recently sold in the area. It collects data about your home, finds similar properties, and uses sales and quotes from similar properties to determine the fair market value of your home. In summary, we can say that the price is very close to what will interest potential home buyers.

  1. Prepare, sell and display your home.

You need to prepare potential buyers to feel like they want to live in your home for decades to come. Some simple things you can do are to thoroughly clean the interior, repaint some of the walls, and make necessary repairs and decorations. If you’re ready to sell your home, it’s best to take professional photos for your listing. If you want to sell your home faster, consider scheduling an open house. It’s a way for buyers to make an appointment and tour your home without having to wait for someone to contact you.

  1. Offer and Negotiation

When a buyer is ready to make an offer, his agent will send it to your agent. Once you know on what terms they are willing to buy your home, you have some time to accept, reject or negotiate the offer. In some states, a decision can be made within 72 hours of submitting a proposal.